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Embryo is a project to foster strong collaboration of BITS students and BITS faculty with the alumni and friends of BITS Pilani. Through lecture series and collaborative projects, the students can get exposure to the cutting edge research areas. They also get an opportunity to network with Alumni and friends of BITS, who are reputed academicians and industry leaders. We aim to leverage BITSConnect to bring the alumni closer to the students and faculty. Each and every alumnus can contribute his most valuable resources to BITS Pilani - knowledge and experience. The approach is three-fold: Complement BITS courses through video lecture series Facilitate collaborative research projects between alumni and BITS Expose students to current research trends and provide guidance for pursuing research projects On Jan 9, 2013, BITSConnect 2.0 was inaugurated. A multi-million dollar project which brings state of the art telepresence and interconnectivity to the campuses of BITS; it provides Embryo the platform to conduct high-quality cross campus talks, and to further enhance the remote learning experience that it has been providing across all the campuses for some time now. Embryo aims to help BITS Pilani students become Leaders, Innovators and Entrepreneurs of tomorrow. You can also contribute to Project Embryo. Register with us and we shall get in touch shortly.

About Us

Embryo is a forum for on-line, live and interactive lectures, run by students and faculties of BITS-Pilani. It was conceived and initiated by a group of 6 BITS Pilani Alumni in the Silicon Valley in 2006 with an aim to transform classroom education. Since February, 2006, more than 200 lectures have been successfully conducted in areas as wide ranging as Entrepreneurship, Black Holes, Solar Cells, Science of Smell, Naxalism, Rain water harvesting,Storage Networks, PSOCs, Process Control. In August 2010, Embryo 2.0 was launched. Since then we have conducted a series of lectures. The lecturer works closely with the course faculty and in a few cases, the lecture content is subject to evaluative components. The knowledge of the alumni has thus become an integral part of the BITS curriculum.


Enrich the learning experience at BITS Pilani.


To make the academic and industrial experience of the BITS alumni accessible to on-campus students through lectures, collaborative research projects, and exposure to current research trends around the world.

Why Embryo?

Although there is no alternative to 'in person' classroom teaching, any University in the world is limited by its on-campus human resources and available expertise. Often, a lecture or two in the right area by the right person can change the course of one's career. Embryo proposes to free education from the barriers of distance, time and human resources. Leveraging web-based technologies, Embryo acts as a bridge between the knowledge seekers (students), and the potential speakers. Such a powerful method truly realizes the dream of border less classrooms and bottomless learning resources.

Available Infrastructure

With the advent of BITS Connect2.0 , we now have state of the art telepresence solutions across all campuses thus making the experience even richer.

About BITS Pilani

Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani is a Leading University in India offering degrees in Engineering, Management, Pharmacy, Sciences, Engineering Technology, Information Systems, General Studies, Finance etc presently at Pilani, Dubai, Goa and Hyderabad campuses. BITS Pilani also offers an array of work integrated learning programmes for HRD of a vast spectrum of Indian corporates.


BITSAA International Inc. is a not-for-profit organization. The primary purpose of BITSAA International is to engage in charitable and educational activities by raising funds for setting up endowments, creating scholarships, rewarding teaching and research and generally promoting the development of resources at Birla Institute of Technology & Science at Pilani. BITSAA International also aims to strengthen the ties, friendship and communications amongst former students, current students, faculty and friends of the Institute. BITSAA International provides a number of channels for people to stay connected with each other and the Birla Institute of Technology & Science.

Previous Lectures


Environment and Sustainability

Rhea Mazumdar Singhal

Rhea Mazumdar Singhal is an entrepreneur who is founder and CEO of Ecoware, India's largest sustainable packaging company

6 June, 2021

Wildlife Photography

Jayanth Sharma

Jayanth Sharma is a professional wildlife photographer. He is co-founder and CEO at Toehold, a travel and photography company. He is a Sony Ambassador.

4 June, 2021

GRE Panel Discussion

Varun Nayak

Varun Nayak is an alumnus of BITS Pilani, Goa campus where he recieved his Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering. With a GRE score of 327/340

3 April, 2021

GRE Panel Discussion

Abhijith Asok

Abhijith Asok is an alumnus of BITS Pilani, Goa campus. He scored an outstanding 329/340 in the GRE examination and 117/120 in the TOEFL

3 April, 2021

GRE Panel Discussion

Anjali Maheshwari

335/340, Offered for Masters in Chemical Engineering

3 April, 2021

GRE Panel Discussion

Sakshi Agarwal

332/340, Offered for Masters in Electrical Engineering

3 April, 2021

Career in Finance

Ritika Karnani

Ritika Karnani is an alumnus of BITS Pilani and graduated in 2015. She recently completed her MBA from INSEAD, France

21 March, 2021

Life Outside Earth

Kate Adamala

Kate Adamala is an alumnus of Harvard University and specialises in the fields of Synthetic Biology, Astrobiology and Bioengineering.

13 February, 2021

Venture Capitalist

Anirudh Damani

Anirudh Damani is an alumnus of the prestigious Austin College, Texas and Managing Partner at Artha Ventures, India’s first Micro VC firm

6 February,2021

Being BITSian In Retrospect

Dr.S.P. Kothari

Dr. S.P. Kothari graduated from BITS Pilani, Pilani campus with a BE (Hons.) in Chemical Engineering, he was also a Padma Shree Awardee

30 January, 2021

Being BITSian In Retrospect

Pradeep Kashyap

Pradeep Kashyap is an entrepreneur and founder of MART, a rural marketing consultancy firm which works in emerging markets.

6 August, 2020

Film Writing

Siva Ananth

the personality responsible for coming up, foreseeing, writing, editing, evaluating, and repeating cycles of these for the creation of films like 'Sachin-A Billion Dreams' and many more

2 August, 2020

Computational Biology and Chemistry

Prof. Qiang Cui

Prof. Qiang Cui is a Professor of Chemistry at Boston University. His work involves developing and applying state-of-the-art computational tools

23 July, 2020

Cyber Security

Gene Spafford

Nicknamed Spaf is an American professor of computer science at Purdue University and a leading computer security expert.

23 July, 2020

Crypto Currency

Prof.David Yermack

David L. Yermack is the Albert Fingerhut Professor of Finance and Business Transformation at New York University Stern School of Business.

12 July, 2020

GMAT Preparation and Applications

Sahaj Dasot

He is a BITS Pilani ’15 batch Mechanical Engineering alumnus. He is currently an MBA Candidate at INSEAD, Class of 2020, having scored a very impressive 770 in GMAT

27 June, 2020

UPSC Preparation

Anuraj Jain

Anuraj Jain secured AIR 24 in UPSC Civil Services Examination 2018 and he also scored AIR 21 in IFS 2017 exam.

14 June, 2020

Publishing Research Papers and Entrepreneurship

Mr. Subrahmanyam Pulipaka

Subrahmanyam Pulipaka is a BITS Pilani ’16 batch Electrical and Electronics Engineering student. He has published many research papers being a part of IEEE.

3 June, 2020
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APOGEE, the ISO 9001:2008 certified technical fest of BITS, Pilani is a large scale event that has attracted connoissuers of engineering and technology over the years. It represents the zenith of science and engineering in a landscape of future vissionaries and scientists.

APOGEE Innovation Challenge

Apogee Innovation Challenge is a kernel event of Apogee, which provides a platform for students from different colleges of the country to work on the real life problem statements posed by companies. But how does it work?

Why participate?

A company can largely benifit from participating in AIC in the following ways:

Professor in Charge


Dr. Rishikesh Vaidya

Student Team


Kshitij Banka


Shvi Mittal

Web Development Team Lead

Aditya Naidu

Publicity Team Lead

Dhruv Mehta

Tech Team Lead , APOGEE Coordinator

Parth Daga

Editorial Team Lead

Apoorva Ojha

Community Lead

Kshitij Gupta

APOGEE Joint Coordinator

Vasu Khandelwal

Executive Coordinator

Abhishek Sharma

OASIS Coordinator, BOSM Joint Coordinator

Amey Agrawal

BOSM Coordinator, OASIS Joint Coordinator

Shubham Patel

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