Alumni Research Talks

Research talks remain an essential part of the learning model in the most premier institutes around the world. Alumni Research Talks (ART) based on a similar idea, promises to be a novel concept with immense potential on the Indian front. It is a 3-day long student-industry-research symposium organized by the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems, Computer Science Association and Embryo, BITS PIlani. Featuring research talks by recent BITS graduates currently in Grad schools or working in industry on some really hot research topics, the talks are broadcasted 'live' to the Goa and Hyderabad Campuses of BITS Pilani.

Speaker Profiles for ART 7.0 to be held in Jan 2018:


Narendra Ahuja


He is the Research Professor in the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Beckman Institute, and the Director of Information Technology Research Academy (ITRA).Currently, he's working on extraction and representation of spatial structure in images and video and on integrated use of multiple image-based sources for scene representation and recognition and applications of computer vision to visual communication, image manipulation.He is the author of over 450 journal and conference papers


Nigamant Sridhar


He is the Dean of College of Graduate Studies at Cleveland State University. Dr Sridhar directs the Dependable Systems and Networks Research Group, which is focused on making programming of sensor systems more accessible to scientists and researchers outside the field of Computer Science. Primary areas of research interests lie at the intersection of Software Engineering and Distributed Systems, with a special emphasis on small embedded systems such as wireless sensor networks.


Rishabh Mehrotra


Rishabh Mehtora is a PhD Candidate at UCL, ex-{Microsoft Research, Bing, Goldman Sachs}.His PhD research focusses on developing efficient machine learning models for user tasks & need understanding, knowledge discovery and decision optimization.His research interests lies at the intersection of Machine Learning, User Modelling & Personalization.




Shashank Gupta

vaibhavHis MS By Research student at IIIT-Hyderabad working with Prof. Vasudeva Varma in the area of Information Extraction and Machine Learning.He is working towards building “Automatic Hate Speech Detection system” for social media and “Medical Information Extraction” from social media using techniques from Machine Learning,Information Extraction and Natural Language Processing.His areas of interest are: Machine Learning, Information Retrieval and Extraction, Recommendation Systems, Deep Computer Vision.




Priyanka Kukreja

   She's doing her MS in CS at Carnegie Mellon University.Her research interest Machine Learning and computer vision.She's working on Distributed video analysis platform using TensorFlow and 3D Reconstruction

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